The Inspiration Behind The Double Agent Shoe
Posted on April 23, 2015 in Home
Double Agent Shoes

I am  asked this very special question almost daily: “What inspired you to create the Double Agent Shoes?” But there is not just one simple answer.  It was a series of events; some funny, and some not so funny that led us here.
Initially, my being robbed at gunpoint was the catalyst for the idea of the Double Agent Shoe.  The criminals that stole my purse and all my personal belongings also had my driver’s license and my credit cards.  I could not sleep for weeks knowing that these criminals now knew were I lived and that they also had sensitive information about me.

But all these events came down to one thing that most women get fed up with, I had enough with stashing my things in my bra, inside my socks, and taking over my significant other’s pockets.  Paying for items with a sweaty credit card or with sweaty cash is a bit embarrassing, and not much appreciated by the recipient.  Plus, digging in your bra to get your I.D out in front of other people is not a good look!  Not to mention having your favorite lipstick popping out of your bra while you’re walking or dancing.  Plus, things tend to fall out and get lost.  So I felt I had to put a stop to this madness and come up with a more fashionable and useful way to stash my stuff.
Creating a compartment inside a wedge-heel provided me with plenty of space inside each shoe to be able to store not only my essential items but anything else I may need.  Thus, the Double Agent Shoes was born!  After going purse-free for the first time, I discovered a new lifestyle!  It felt great not having to keep up with my purse!  This is why I designed the Double Agent Shoes to be extremely comfortable for long wear.

We hope you enjoy wearing your Double Agent Shoes as much as we do. Viva The Shoe Revolution!  – Carolina Ferreira

Double Agent Shoes


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